Are you accountable?

Are you accountable?

How many times do we justify our behavior?

How many times have you said “well she/he made me do it?”  Justifying why you did something that possibly wasn’t the right thing to do?  For example, when someone says something to provoke you or puts you on the defensive, do you rail back at them by shouting innuendoes and cursing them? It might make you feel good for the moment, but did it make the situation better or worse?

Do we play the blame game?

People are eager to blame others for their reactive behavior.  It is always someone else’s fault for why we aren’t in control of our own actions. Why don’t they just do the right thing no matter what others do or say?  How many times do we feel that if someone had said something different, then we would have re-acted differently toward them? “Well, if she hadn’t said that to me, I wouldn’t have yelled at her.  She/he shouldn’t say those things, she/he makes me angry!”  Wow! In other words, we give others permission to shape our conduct, or behavior!

Isn’t it interesting how many times we can justify our bad temper, reactionary words or actions because of the way someone answered or confronted us?

Where is our Accountability?

No one wants to take accountability anymore!  We see it even in politics, in marriages, jobs, etc.  If we respond to someone because of the way they talked or responded to us, then it is our choice, not that person’s fault.  Otherwise what we are saying is that we can’t control ourselves so we let others control us!  It takes a lot of self-control to ‘act’ instead of ‘react’ to someone.  But, how many today exercise control of their words or actions?  Today it seems accountability is out the window. We can do or say anything we want and won’t suffer any consequences for it.  But, in the long run, people who don’t learn and practice self-control will eventually pay for it either in their marriages, their jobs or relationships.

Remember that the only one who has control over your choices in life is you! Being accountable gives us self-control, and self-control is power, and empowerment is one of the secrets to success!

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