Are You Likeable?

Swing their vote

In Politics, many voters have swung elections because the candidate they voted for was likable.  They liked that person.  Even if they didn’t particularly like the candidate’s policies; if he was likeable and showed interest in people, he usually won the election!

You don’t have to be wishy washy and all smiles and sweetness to win people over or for them to like you.  You have to show genuine interest in any person you meet!  When you talk with someone, do you make them feel like they are the only person around no matter what is going on around you?  Do you make them feel like what they are saying is very important to you?  Especially if what they are saying is important to them?

Are you a positive or optimistic person?  Do you make others feel at ease around you?  Do you accept people for who they are or do you sit in judgment of them?

Being a team player will make you likeable

Whether you’re leader in your community or job, or whatever you are involved with, making those you are working with feel like part of a team rather than subordinates, will certainly create an atmosphere of joy and peace.

How do you feel when you are around someone who is arrogant and has an answer for everything that happens?  Do you enjoy being around them and do you chime right in with them talking negatively about the situation or personalities?

From “You Are The Message” an article written in 1988 by Roger Ailes and Jon Kraushar. They say, “For seven out of ten people who lose their jobs, the reason isn’t lack of ability, according to studies by executive recruiters, it’s personality conflicts.”

As we have seen in politics, that a candidate may say or do everything right; but if they are not likable, then no matter what they say or do they are criticized.  “…if people like you, they’ll forgive just about anything you do wrong. If they don’t like you, you can hit everything right on target and it doesn’t matter.”

You may be the smartest gal in the office, and have the highest IQ and the greatest wisdom. But if people don’t like you, it doesn’t matter. You will accomplish very little and will not go very far in life.   It is better to be humble and likable than to be arrogant and lonely; because that is what you will be if you are not a likable person, you will have very few friends. . But if you really want to go places and be successful, then learn to be really likable!

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