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Jessica Lynn Evans 

The products are so awesome. The pads are SUPER soft and comfortable, cant even tell you are wearing them. highly recommend. great service!                                                                 […]

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Kimberly Stoll-French

This is great! Signed up for my oldest daughter and she loves it! Such a wonderful idea. Fast shipping, great customer service, and plenty of options!                                                           […]

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Are you accountable?

Are you accountable? How many times do we justify our behavior? How many times have you said “well she/he made me do it?”  Justifying why you did something that possibly wasn’t the right thing to do?  For example, when someone says something to provoke you or puts you on the defensive, do you rail back […]

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Have You Ever Experienced A Disaster?

What disaster in your life have you ever been through or witnessed? Thousands of people living in South Texas and Louisiana are victims of the disastrous hurricane Harvey and are not destined to have normalcy for months or even years!   If you have ever been through devastation then you understand what they are going […]

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So You Are Busy

Are you productive We live in a very different time today, with new technology not only in the world but in our lives and homes!  Computers were supposed to make our lives easier and less complicated. But have they really?  I don’t know about you, but technology has made my life more complicated, and busier […]

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Do You Have a Strategy For Living?

Most children have dreams of what they want to be when they grow up.  What were your dreams?    What motivates you? We all want to be successful and happy but how do we attain success and happiness and fulfillment of our dreams? In order to have a strategy for living your dreams then you […]

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Are You Likeable?

Swing their vote In Politics, many voters have swung elections because the candidate they voted for was likable.  They liked that person.  Even if they didn’t particularly like the candidate’s policies; if he was likeable and showed interest in people, he usually won the election! You don’t have to be wishy washy and all smiles […]

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Times Have Changed!

Times have changed! Mostly for the good, somethings not so good. When I was a young girl growing up in the 50’s most anything that had to do with hygiene, especially female hygiene was a taboo subject.  It was embarrassing to even talk about it. When I started my “period” my own mother told me, […]

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What Do You Look Like?

Are you happy with your body or are you ashamed of it? What is your size? Are you small, big boned, tall, short, overweight, underweight, light skinned, dark skinned, yellow skinned? Whatever you look like you can still look great!  I have a friend who is overweight, but she always looks terrific because she takes […]

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