Have You Ever Experienced A Disaster?

What disaster in your life have you ever been through or witnessed?

Thousands of people living in South Texas and Louisiana are victims of the disastrous hurricane Harvey and are not destined to have normalcy for months or even years!

If you have ever been through devastation then you understand what they are going through.  Most of them have either lost their homes and their vehicles to the raging flood waters or have to rebuild and repair them.  People also lost pets by drowning and some were stressed by the flood waters.  Many of the farmers lost their cattle, sheep, horses, etc. which was their livelihood.

Watching the videos of what these poor victims are going through is tear jerking!  I am sure that if you watch the videos and news programs you too feel the same way!

You want so desperately to help out. Wishing you could be there to comfort them. You want to help them drain the flood waters out of their homes, schools, hospitals, etc.  Fixing food for them or give them good clean water, and aid where they need it.  Just think the waters flooding their homes, left their clothes in total ruin.

People will most likely have to throw everything away that got wet if they couldn’t get to them quickly enough to salvage them.

It was so heartwarming to see them band together and help one another even though they themselves were suffering!  And many volunteers with boats were right there to help out even at the risk of their own lives while the rains and flooding were happening! That is the good human spirit!

Hurricane Irma!

And not only are we all concerned and devastated by Hurricane Harvey, but right after that another hurricane (Irma) crashed into the Caribbean Islands and Florida causing unlimited damage! Millions of homes, communities and businesses were left without power! Slowly things will get back to normal as normal can be.

Just remember that recovery from these hurricanes will take more than just having the waters subside and the power back on.

People will also have to rebuild and repair. But more importantly there will most likely be many instances of sickness and disease caused from the toxic waters. A lot of horrible sickening debris into people’s homes, yards, driveways, city streets, public and private buildings, schools, hospitals and anything is its pathway!

NW Wildfires!

Also if you have kept up with some of the news; the Northwest is fighting wildfires which have destroyed over millions of acres. Leaving many families evacuating their homes leaving their loved possessions; knowing that they will have nothing to come back to!

Helping Out

Many of you have the heart to help out these victims in some way; either donating or sending relief of some kind.  Those of you who can’t help out financially can search out other ways to personally show them you care!

We should all band together and support our country… the greatest country in the world!

Here are a few examples on places to donate:


HMM has also teamed up with Matthew 25: Ministries. For every new sign up, HMM will match your order and donate it to Matthew 25: Ministries to help contribute to their disaster relief efforts. Use Promo Code: helpharvey

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