So You Are Busy

Are you productive

We live in a very different time today, with new technology not only in the world but in our lives and homes!  Computers were supposed to make our lives easier and less complicated. But have they really?  I don’t know about you, but technology has made my life more complicated, and busier than ever!

Do you find yourself busy but feel that you aren’t being productive?  I find that if I don’t make a ‘To do list’ of what I plan to accomplish during the day; that even if I accomplish some things, I won’t feel productive at the end of the day.  For some reason, being able to put a check mark beside a task on my ‘To do list’ after I have accomplished something, gives me a feeling of relief and satisfaction.

Make a list

The most difficult thing that I find to do is making a list and then prioritize the items; particularly when they are urgent!  Because invariably something will come up to distract me, and then I find myself multitasking!  Do you find yourself in the same situation?

The power of being able to focus on what we are doing at the time we are doing it, is huge!  Since I tend to be a multi-tasker I have to work each day on trying to stay focused.  Sometimes multitasking is good if those tasks are things that don’t take a lot of effort; such as doing laundry, cooking a meal, cleaning house, etc.  But, when it comes to doing something that takes a lot of my focus; such as keeping track of something I am doing on the computer or smart phone, then multitasking may cause me to make mistakes and may even cause me to have to start over on something that I could have finished in a short period of time!  So then I ask myself, was it really worth it to multitask?

Our life is our time and our time is our life!

We don’t lose time, time loses us!  Time keeps going on no matter what we are doing or not doing. The clock does not stop! So taking the time to make a list of what we want to accomplish in a day or a week helps us to focus and to be productive!

If we are always letting ourselves get distracted by concentrating on trivia or unimportant things; rather than concentrating on the goals we have written down, then we will leave important things undone and not accomplish the goals that are really important to us.

Our day will be more fulfilling and more productive if we make out a list in the morning or night before and then dive into it in the morning!  And then, at the end of the day we can ask ourselves, “Did I spend my time wisely today and accomplish most all of my goals or was I just ‘busy’?”


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