Times Have Changed!

Times have changed!

Mostly for the good, somethings not so good.
When I was a young girl growing up in the 50’s most anything that had to do with hygiene, especially female hygiene was a taboo subject.  It was embarrassing to even talk about it.

When I started my “period” my own mother told me, “Now you are a young lady”! Because of what was happening in my body I was now a young lady?  I didn’t know what in the world was happening to me; I thought I was going to die! But for some reason it was a ‘good’ thing?

It was embarrassing to hear boys laugh, when they would quietly talk to one another about a girl’s period, like it was funny.

The word “pregnant” was not used by many because of what it meant!  When I was carrying my 3rd child, and I told my grandmother that I was pregnant, she retorted, we don’t talk about those things! Wwwhat???  She had ten children herself, but she still didn’t talk about ‘those things’.

Well, as we know now, these subjects are not taboo any more. The problem that we have today is that the pendulum has swung the other direction and now nothing is sacred or taboo!  You see all kinds of ads on TV for everything. Even movies many times speak openly about sex, even showing it. Nudity, bathroom jokes, anything that used to be sacred or private is now wide open for all to see and hear!

How do you put it in words?

How do you explain to your 10 year old son? What a box of tampons or pads are, when he sees it and asks what it is for?  Do you say, “never mind”, “don’t worry about it”, “none of your business,” or do you explain to him that humans were created to reproduce themselves and when a girl reaches a certain age, her body gets ready to carry and nourish a baby and the blood gets her body ready to house that baby.  If no life begins, then the blood leaves the body and that is where the ‘tampons or pads’ come in, and this happens each month on a regular schedule. They are placed in the body in such a way as to catch the blood leaving her body.

If more mothers taught their children about how the human body was designed; and explained it in a beautiful way. Then boys would have more respect for women. Knowing what they have to go through in order to create more human beings.

It is a very important fact of life that every girl goes through. Until she reaches a certain age where her body no longer is able to bear children. Times have changed, but life hasn’t!

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