What is going on?

What is Going On??

If you are a mother or grandmother surely you can understand those poor mothers who have lost their children to crazies who decide to shoot not only themselves but innocent others! How sad, what is going on in our world today besides travesty?

Just imagine dropping your college age child to a place where they can enjoy entertainment and chatting with their friends and then an hour later you hear a news alert on your radio or tv or iphone exclaiming that there was a shooting in the same place your child is having fun! Many are dead and many are wounded! You are afraid to drive down there because you may find out that one of the victims is your child! You decide no, he/she is okay and you start to go into denial then your heart screams at you, no, you must go to make certain they are okay!
Our hearts go out to the wounded and to the devastated parents and siblings who lost their loved one/ones!

I sorrow with them! I and many others can only look toward a future where there is no evil in the world, and send our condolences to the families that these shootings, bombings and terrible sufferings have effected.

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Judith Swanson
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